Raising money to create a therapy centre and buy equipment.

Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a therapist working with adults, children and young people I am a trained rebound therapist and trampoline coach.
I have a passion to help and support others. 

I am hoping to raise enough money to set up a centre specific for providing rebound therapy, counselling and recreational trampolining, which will include a sensory room.

Money raised will help to buy equipment for the centre for example a trampoline, end decks and mats (for safety) specialised steps to enable easy access to the trampoline. Sensory toys and equipment. I would love to buy a trampoline hoist which would enable people with more complex needs to be able to access the trampoline.

To my knowledge there is not a centre like this locally to us or in the south west.
This centre will help both adults and children with disabilities both physical and learning. People with ASD, autism, communication difficulties, behaviour and social and emotional difficulties. 

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