Cherry Blossom Counselling
Cherry Blossom Counselling

What my clients say about Cherry Blossom counselling

“Lisa is providing care and re-parenting at an extraordinarily effective and sensitive level.”

"It has always been evident to us that Lisa is particularly good at supporting her young people through any therapeutic intervention; that she is able to reassure them that difficult experience and feelings can be shared."

"Lisa has had to negotiate her way through some of her own complex and life-changing circumstances. While doing so, she has demonstrated an ability to remain focused and ‘mind-minded’ with the vulnerable children and young people in her care, and to successfully guide them through their own difficult transitions. Her achievement has been quite remarkable." 



Lisa" has a wealth of experience and has overcome many of life’s challenges, both personally and professionally. Lisa is able to draw on her experiences to make fair and non judgemental assessments."

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Above Weston hospice care

193, Milton Road


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